If you were charged with Petty Larceny (anything over $1,000 is Grand Larceny, a felony), it is only a misdemeanor and on a first offense a good lawyer can get an ACD delayed dismissal. After six months if you have not been arrested again and do whatever the court ordered, the case will be dismissed and you will not have a criminal record. The fact that you were arrested will not generally be known to potential employers, but the information on the arrest and disposition will always be available to the government on the NJSID computer. If you are arrested again they will treat the case more seriously and you will probably have a criminal record or a record for a violation. Shoplifting is common with young women who are in store a lot and are tempted to just place an item in their purse. What they don’t know is that stores lose millions to shoplifters and everyone had to pay %20 percent more for certain items because stores pass the cost on to the consumer. Almost every store has surveillance cameras, store security, store detectives, secret shoppers, and cashiers who are trained on how to detect shoplifting. Sooner or later everyone is caught and then they risk having a theft conviction on their record forever with no way to erase it preventing them from getting a good or career. Life is all about making good decisions and getting good advice…and being smart enough to follow it. If everyone listened to their mothers they would be better off…take a sweater, don’t run with scissors, and do your homework…all good advise.

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