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“In the hands of an experienced physician, a scalpel is a marvelous tool. It can remove a deadly tumor or repair a diseased heart. The success of such procedures, of course, depends upon the skill of the surgeon, because that same scalpel in inexperienced or careless hands can fatally nick a healthy artery, sever an unseen nerve, or even perform an operation on the left knee when the right one is the problem.” Hon Stephen Trott, Words of Warning for Prosecutors Using Criminals as Witnesses, 47 Hastings L. J. 1381 (1996)

The firm at McKoy Law Firm prides itself on not only our experience, but our dedication to helping clients fight for justice and fairness.


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Practice Areas

Family Law

Matters of domestic relations, including: marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; adoption and surrogacy. child abuse & abduction.

Sexual Offenses

Indecent exposure, Sexual conduct, Sexual assault, Molestation,  Sexual exploitation, Incest, Failure to register, etc.


Clear your criminal record. Under law, any charges that did not result in conviction are eligible to be expunged.


Drug Offenses

Cultivation, Manufacturing, Possession with intent to distribute or sell, Possession-Sales, Trafficking, etc.


Criminal activity that is performed to benefit an organization such as a crime syndicate. i.e: extortion, money laundering, loan sharking…

Drinking & Driving

Challenging DUI Evidence, Cross Examination of Police Officer, DUI Expungement, Sobriety Checkpoints, Suspended Driver’s License, etc.

It is important to have adequate legal counsel the moment you learn that you or your loved one is under investigation, or has been arrested for a criminal offense. Just because you have been arrested does not mean that you have lost your rights. In fact, you are granted the right to legal counsel under the U.S. Constitution. By exercising this right, you have the opportunity to effectively avoid costly mistakes.



Weapons Charges


Drug Charges


Our Lawyers

Tamika McKoy Esq.

Tamika McKoy Esq.

Attorney At Law
Sharon Larmore

Sharon Larmore

Attorney At Law
Bert Ortiz

Bert Ortiz


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